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General Information


Generator, any type of energy into electrical energy machines. Today, known first as the generator of the mechanical energy into electrical energy machines. These generators are used in everyday life, such as wind or hydroelectric energy generators operate with diesel, gasoline or natural gas fuels are used. The most preferred type of generator in industrial areas, the diesel fuel generators.

Honda Jeneratör hakkında

Alternator consists of three parts;

1. Rotated around the axis of the rotor part of the movement is transmitted
2. In the rotor rotates, the stator part, the electrical connections are made steady
3. Voltage secure electronic voltage regulator

Generators of different sizes and capacities of the young plant is made up of the elders. Üretenlerine alternating current generator that is an alternative to direct current makers also called direct current generators, or dynamo. Or the resulting AC (alternating current) of whether DC (direct current) electrical energy source is the same matter. Only draft of the machine are different.

Mechanical energy required to run a generator, water turbine, steam turbine, gas turbine or internal combustion engine, such as the first movement of tools that are provided. There are two types of the host of mechanical energy into electrical energy: alternating current and direct current DC generators, AC generators. Most of the electrical energy produced by the AC generator and the tools nowadays is called alternator. AC, English Alternative Current (Alternating Current) the initials of the words, the Dieckt Current DC (Direct Current) by taking the initials of the words used.

Control Panel genset operation, adjustments are necessary to the pursuit of the display, and other electrical equipment where the part.

Working principle: the theory of electrical generators, most of the work is based on Faraday's law. The number of lines in a wire coil surrounding the magnetic flux is changed, depending on the magnetic flux in the coil winding to give an electromotive force is proportional to the number. Mechanically moved relative to the other part of the generator coil and the voltage induced in the generator, so that the magnetic flux around the coil called armature windings occurs. The permanent magnet magnetic flux, can be obtained from the DC or AC field coil.

Structure: In practice, the permanent magnetic fields are used only small generators. Induction generators, except for windings of large generators are equipped with DC. Most DC generators statorüne field windings, normally rotor field windings wound AC generators.

When the generator should be aware of the following;

1. When the generator, an expert in the generator manufacturing companies strong in terms of references and services should be preferred.
2. Firm the selection of generator, power generator manufacturers testing laboratory should be preferred. Be tested by running an empty load generator is purchased after the manufacture of the generator does not indicate trouble. However, if operated at full load efficiency of generators can be identified correctly.
3. Explore generator powered by a team of experts must do before. The most commonly held misconceptions, according to the label on the generator power detection devices used to perform in space. Thus, demurrage (development) flows are ignored and the wrong choice of the generator.
4. For generators to be purchased for the professional environmental factors (environmental conditions, altitude, etc. ..) should be made taking into account the selection of generators. However, companies that specialize in providing these services can provide.
5. Only the price of generators is wrong to make comparisons. Unutulmamalıdırki meet the needs of emergency power generators are mostly the work of many years, with the expectation of performance are taken. These generators are manufactured using quality materials, so buy cheap products and choose not to, will be more profitable in the long run.
6. Generators, motors, alternators and the origin of the brand specified in the sales contract must be purchased.
7. Requested information regarding the purchase of the generator periodic maintenance.
8. Buy Alıncak generator (especially to the engine) should be readily available spare parts.
9. Sound proof canopy gensets or to be purchased by the trailer, it should be preferred in companies that produce parts of itself. Sound seems like a simple product isolation booths, air circulation, easy transport, the quality of sound insulation, IP protection, fuel tank compartment, such as paint, advanced technology and expertise in terms of production departments.

Generator Power Detection

Is the job of a specialist to determine the power of the generator set and depends on many factors. According to the state of the generator to operate the loads and ambient conditions, there are issues that need to be considered. Remas about it A.S. can get assistance.

Site Selection and Installation Considerations Generator Kit!

Generator set in order to give many years of trouble-free service selection and correct installation is required. - Site Selection: You must decide whether you want to place the generator. Especially the fresh air intake is to be placed in a confined space, ventilation and exhaust outlet should be considered.

* Surface: Plain, must be to prevent accumulation of water. A platform can be created in a safe height. Ventilation: alternator, engine and radiator cooling water heat emitted by a fan mounted between the engine and the radiator to remove the system or area must be placed in a room with adequate ventilation. At the same time fresh air intake should be maintained.

* Fuel System: Fuel is necessary to provide continuous and clean.

* Exhaust System: The engine exhaust from the sound reduction and disposal of toxic gas into the atmosphere should be safe.

* Electrical System: All electrical connections must be made in accordance with the general rules of the schemes and.

Stand by / Prime / Continuous Forces

This work defines the concepts of the category in which the generator;
- Stand by power: the power under variable load for a limited period. On average, a total of 1 hour work day. Mains power is used as a backup power outages. Be overloaded.
- Prime power: the power of continuous operation under variable load. Be overloaded 10% for 1 hour every 12 hours.
- Continuouspower: the power of continuous operation under constant load.

Generator Maintenance and Controls Kit

Books sent to the Care and Use of the generator set of your calendars must comply with. However, a number of factors could cause increase the frequency of inspection and maintenance. Operating frequency and duration of load condition, the oil-fuel quality, ambient temperature, dirty-dusty environment, etc.. Maintenance, inspection and wear material (engine oil, filters, V-belt, antifreeze, injectors, etc.) remains with the user. General controls every 2-3 months, I would recommend the setting and testing is carried out. Working hours once every 6 months if fulfilled, general maintenance and engine oil and filter changes should be made. Also your generator once a week for 10-15 min. Run up. Generator set of your maintenance and safety checks, accurate and economical way to do Remas Inc. Refer to.

Warranty Coverage

Our products are user errors, except for parts and 2 years or 1000 hours warranty against manufacturing defects. And the scope of the warranty period, refer to the documentation supplied with your product for details or consult our company purchase you make.

Spare Part

All supplies and spare parts for your generator will be available in. If the generator is not in use original spare parts and maintenance is done in time, will be out of warranty.

Overloading the Generator

On its label generator set power (standby, prime) is specified. This study on the conditions of use will result in the following problems:
- Engine overheating,
- Wearing of the engine increase,
- Overheating of windings of the alternator,
- Lubricating oil depletion and oil pressure drops,
- Shortening the life of the engine.

Generator Low Load Operation

Generator set for use on the label values as low loads, the use of the listed capacity is objectionable. In this way, the user will also cause serious damage as shorten engine life. In particular the use of large-power generator sets should be much more attention to this situation.

Noise Generator Kit

All generator sets, exhaust, motor housing, fan blades emit a noise. The place of installation of the generator, and instead choose to be bothered by the noise at least take measures required. Sound insulation cabins have been designed to provide maximum sound control.

Working on Fuel Tank

Generators to the fuel consumption, varies according to load conditions. Fuel tanks, generator sets are designed to work at least 8 hours at full load. This decreases load time will be longer.